Set active volume

If you have several primary volumes, you must specify one to be the boot volume. For this, you can set a volume to become active. A disk can have only one active volume, so if you set a volume as active, the volume, which was active before, will be automatically unset.

If you need to set a volume active:

  1. Select a primary volume on a basic MBR disk to set as active.
  2. Right-click on the selected volume, and then click Mark as active in the context menu.

    If there is no other active volume in the system, the pending operation of setting active volume will be added.

    Please note, that due to setting the new active volume, the former active volume letter might be changed and some of the installed programs might stop running.

  3. If another active volume is present in the system, you will receive the warning that the previous active volume will have to be set passive first. By clicking OK in the Warning window, you’ll add the pending operation of setting active volume.

    Please note: even if you have the Operating System on the new active volume, in some cases the machine will not be able to boot from it. You will have to confirm your decision to set the new volume as active.

(To finish the added operation you will have to commit it. Exiting the program without committing the pending operations will effectively cancel them.)

The new volume structure will be graphically represented in the Disk management view immediately.

Set active volume