Delete volume

This version of Acronis Disk Director Lite has reduced functionality because it is mainly a tool for preparing bare-metal systems for recovering previously saved volume images. The features of resizing the existing volumes and creating the new volumes, using free space from the existing ones, exist on the full version of the software, so with this version deleting an existing volume sometimes might be the only way to free the necessary disk space without changing the existing disk configuration.

After a volume is deleted, its space is added to unallocated disk space. It can be used for creation of a new volume or to change another volume’s type.

If you need to delete a volume:

  1. Select a hard disk and a volume to be deleted.
  2. Select Delete volume or a similar item in the Operations sidebar list, or click the Delete the selected volume icon on the toolbar.

    If the volume contains any data, you will receive the warning, that all the information on this volume will be lost irrevocably.

  3. By clicking OK in the Delete volume window, you’ll add the pending operation of volume deletion.

(To finish the added operation you will have to commit it. Exiting the program without committing the pending operations will effectively cancel them.)

Delete volume