Set the volume size

On the third wizard page, you will be able to define the size of the future volume, according to the previously made selections. In order to choose the necessary size between the minimum and the maximum values, use the slider or enter the necessary values into the special windows between the minimum and the maximum values or click on the special handle, and hold and drag the borders of the disk’s picture with the cursor.

The maximum value normally includes the most possible unallocated space. But in some cases the possible unallocated space and the proposed maximum volume size might differ (e.g. when the size of one mirror establishes the size of the other mirror, or the last 8Mb of the disk space is reserved for the future conversion of the disk from basic to dynamic).

For basic volumes if some unallocated space is left on the disk, you also will be able to choose the position of the new volume on the disk.

If you click the Back button, you will be returned to the previous page: Select destination disks.

If you click the Next button, you will proceed to the next page: Set the volume options.

Set the volume size