Change volume label

The volume label is an optional attribute. It is a name assigned to a volume for easier recognition. For example, one volume could be called SYSTEM — a volume with an operating system, or PROGRAM — an application volume, DATA — a data volume, etc., but it does not imply that only the type of data stated with the label could be stored on such a volume.

In Windows, volume labels are shown in the Explorer disk and folder tree: LABEL1(C:), LABEL2(D:), LABEL3(E:), etc. LABEL1, LABEL2 and LABEL3 are volume labels. A volume label is shown in all application dialog boxes for opening and saving files.

If you need to change a volume label:

  1. Right-click on the selected volume, and then click Change label.
  2. Enter a new label in the Change label window text field.
  3. By clicking OK in the Change label window, you’ll add the pending operation of changing the volume label .

    If when setting a new volume label you use characters that are unsupported by the currently installed operating system, you will get the appropriate warning and the OK button will be disabled. You will have to use only supported characters to proceed with changing the volume label.

    (To finish the added operation you will have to commit it. Exiting the program without committing the pending operations will effectively cancel them.)

The new label will be graphically represented in the Disk Management view of the console immediately.

Change volume label