Pending operations

All operations, which were prepared by the user in manual mode or with the aid of a wizard, are considered pending until the user issues the specific command for the changes to be made permanent. Until then, Acronis Disk Director Lite will only demonstrate the new volume structure that will result from the operations that have been planned to be performed on disks and volumes. This approach enables you to control all planned operations, double-check the intended changes, and, if necessary, cancel operations before they are executed.

To prevent you from performing any unintentional change on your disk, the program will first display the list of all pending operations.

The Disk management view contains the toolbar with icons to launch the Undo, Redo and Commit actions intended for pending operations. These actions might also be launched from the Disk management menu of the console.

All planned operations are added to the pending operation list.

The Undo action lets you undo the latest operation in the list. While the list is not empty, this action is available.

The Redo action lets you reinstate the last pending operation that was undone.

The Commit action forwards you to the Pending Operations window, where you will be able to view the pending operation list. Clicking Proceed will launch their execution. You will not be able to undo any actions or operations after you choose the Proceed operation. You can also cancel the commitment by clicking Cancel. Then no changes will be done to the pending operation list.

Quitting Acronis Disk Director Lite without committing the pending operations effectively cancels them, so if you try to exit Disk management without committing the pending operations, you will receive the appropriate warning.

Pending operations