Disk conversion: MBR to GPT

You would want to convert an MBR basic disk to a GPT basic disk in the following cases:

  • If you need more than 4 primary volumes on one disk.
  • If you need additional disk reliability against any possible data damage.

If you need to convert a basic MBR disk to basic GPT:

  1. Select a basic MBR disk to convert to GPT.
  2. Right-click on the selected volume, and then click Convert to GPT in the context menu.

    You will receive a warning window, stating that you are about to convert MBR into GPT.

  3. By clicking OK, you’ll add a pending operation of MBR to GPT disk conversion.

(To finish the added operation you will have to commit it. Exiting the program without committing the pending operations will effectively cancel them.)

Please note: A GPT-partitioned disk reserves the space in the end of the partitioned area necessary for the backup area, which stores copies of the GPT header and the partition table. If the disk is full and the volume size cannot be automatically decreased, the conversion operation of the MBR disk to GPT will fail.

The operation is irreversible. If you have a primary volume, belonging to an MBR disk, and convert the disk first to GPT and then back to MBR, the volume will be logical and will not be able to be used as a system volume.

If you plan to install an OS that does not support GPT disks, the reverse conversion of the disk to MBR is also possible through the same menu items the name of the operation will be listed as Convert to MBR.

  Dynamic disk conversion: MBR to GPT   

Acronis Disk Director Lite does not support direct MBR to GPT conversion for dynamic disks. However you can perform the following conversions to reach the goal using the program:

  1. MBR disk conversion: dynamic to basic using the Convert to basic operation.
  2. Basic disk conversion: MBR to GPT using the Convert to GPT operation.
  3. GPT disk conversion: basic to dynamic using the Convert to dynamic operation.

Disk conversion: MBR to GPT