Disk conversion: dynamic to basic

You would want to convert dynamic disks back to basic ones, e.g. if you want to start using an OS on your machine that does not support dynamic disks.

If you need to convert a dynamic disk to basic:

  1. Select the dynamic disk to convert to basic.
  2. Right-click on the selected volume, and then click Convert to basic in the context menu. You will receive a final warning about the dynamic disk being converted to basic.

    You will be advised about the changes that will happen to the system if the chosen disk is converted from dynamic into basic. E.g. if such a conversion will stop the disk from being accessed by the system, the operating system will stop loading after such conversion, or if the disk you want to convert to basic contains any volumes of the types that are only supported by dynamic disks (all volume types except Simple volumes), then you will be warned here about the possible damage to the data involved in the conversion.

    Please note, the operation is unavailable for a dynamic disk containing Spanned, Striped, or RAID-5 volumes.

  3. If you click OK in this warning window, the conversion will be performed immediately.

After the conversion the last 8Mb of disk space is reserved for the future conversion of the disk from basic to dynamic.

In some cases the possible unallocated space and the proposed maximum volume size might differ (e.g. when the size of one mirror establishes the size of the other mirror, or the last 8Mb of disk space are reserved for the future conversion of the disk from basic to dynamic).

  System disk conversion  

Acronis Disk Director Lite does not require an operating system reboot after dynamic to basic conversion of the disk, if:

  1. There is a single Windows 2008/Vista operating system installed on the disk.
  2. The machine runs this operating system.

Dynamic to basic conversion of the disk, comprising of system volumes, takes a certain amount of time, and any power loss, unintentional turning off of the machine or accidental pressing of the Reset button during the procedure could result in bootability loss.

In contrast to Windows Disk Manager the program ensures:

  • safe conversion of a dynamic disk to basic when it contains volumes with data for simple and mirrored volumes
  • in multiboot systems, bootability of a system that was offline during the operation

Disk conversion: dynamic to basic