Basic disk cloning

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer all the disk data onto a new disk. It can be a case of expanding the system volume, starting a new system layout or disk evacuation due to a hardware fault. In any case, the reason for the Clone basic disk operation can be summed up as the necessity to transfer all the source disk data to a target disk exactly as it is.

Acronis Disk Director Lite allows the operation to be carried out to basic MBR disks only.

To plan the Clone basic disk operation:

  1. Select a disk you want to clone.
  2. Select a disk as target for the cloning operation.
  3. Select a cloning method and specify advanced options.

The new volume structure will be graphically represented in the Disk management view immediately.

It is advisable that you deactivate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (ASRM), if it is active, before cloning a system disk. Otherwise the cloned operating system might not boot. You can activate the ASRM again after the cloning is completed. If deactivation is not possible, choose the As is method to clone the disk.

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Cloning method and advanced options

Basic disk cloning