“Disk management” view

Acronis Disk Director Lite is controlled through the Disk management view of the console.

The top part of the view contains a disks and volumes table enabling data sorting and columns customization and toolbar. The table presents the numbers of the disks, as well as assigned letter, label, type, capacity, free space size, used space size, file system, and status for each volume. The toolbar comprises of icons to launch the Undo, Redo and Commit actions intended for pending operations.

The graphic panel at the bottom of the view also graphically depicts all the disks and their volumes as rectangles with basic data on them (label, letter, size, status, type and file system).

Both parts of the view also depict all unallocated disk space that can be used in volume creation.

  Starting the operations  

Any operation can be launched:

  • From the volume or disk context menu (both in the table and the graphic panel)
  • From the Disk management menu of the console
  • From the Operations bar on the Actions and Tools pane

    Note that the list of available operations in the context menu, the Disk management menu, and the Operations bar depends on the selected volume or disk type. The same is true for unallocated space as well.

  Displaying operation results  

The results of any disk or volume operation, you have just planned, are immediately displayed in the Disk management view of the console. For example, if you create a volume, it will be immediately shown in the table, as well as in graphical form at the bottom of the view. Any volume changes, including changing the volume letter or label, are also immediately displayed in the view.

"Disk management" view