Basic precautions

To avoid any possible disk and volume structure damage or data loss, please take all necessary precautions and follow these simple rules:

  1. Create a disk image of the disk on which volumes will be created or managed. Having your most important data backed up to another hard disk or CD will allow you to work on disk volumes being reassured that your data is safe.

    Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 is an extremely effective comprehensive data backup and recovery solution. It creates a data or disk backup copy stored in a compressed archive file that can be restored in case of any accident.

  2. Test your disk to make sure it is fully functional and does not contain bad sectors or file system errors.
  3. Do not perform any disk/volume operations while running other software that has low-level disk access. Close these programs before running Acronis Disk Director Lite.

With these simple precautions, you will protect yourself against accidental data loss.

Basic precautions