Disk management

Acronis Disk Director Lite is a tool for preparing a machine disk/volume configuration for recovering the volume images saved by the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 software.

Sometimes after the volume has been backed up and its image placed into a safe storage, the machine disk configuration might change due to a HDD replacement or hardware loss. In such case with the help of Acronis Disk Director Lite, the user has the possibility to recreate the necessary disk configuration so that the volume image can be recovered exactly “as it was” or with any alteration of the disk or volume structure the user might consider necessary.

All operations on disks and volumes involve a certain risk of data damage. Operations on system, bootable or data volumes must be carried out very carefully to avoid potential problems with the booting process or hard disk data storage.

Operations with hard disks and volumes take a certain amount of time, and any power loss, unintentional turning off of the machine or accidental pressing of the Reset button during the procedure could result in volume damage and data loss.

All operations on volumes of dynmic disks in Windows XP and Windows 2000 require Acronis Managed Machine Service to be run under an account with administrator’s rights.

Please take all necessary precautions to avoid possible data loss.

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Basic precautions

Running Acronis Disk Director Lite

Choosing the operating system for disk management

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Disk management