Selecting entire virtual machines

Backing up a virtual machine means backing up all the machine’s disks plus the machine configuration.

To back up one or more virtual machines residing on a virtualization server

  1. Select the check boxes next to virtual machines that you want to back up. Selecting the check box for the virtualization server automatically selects all the virtual machines hosted on this server.

    Use the right part of the window to view details of the selected virtual machine or selected virtualization server.

  2. Click OK.

Backing up an entire virtual machine yields a standard disk backup. Having Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent for Windows or for Linux, you can mount its volumes, recover individual files from this backup, and recover disks and volumes from the backup to a physical machine. The virtual machine configuration, stored in a virtual machine backup, will be suggested by default at recovering the backup content to a new virtual machine.


A Hyper-V virtual machine that uses at least one pass-through disk (a physical disk, either local or SAN-LUN, attached to the virtual machine) cannot be backed up from the host. To back up such machine or its disks, install Agent for Windows or Agent for Linux on the machine.

A SAN-LUN disk attached to an ESX/ESXi virtual machine in the “Physical compatibility” mode, cannot be backed up from the host while the virtual machine is online (running). To back up such disk, either stop the machine or install Agent for Windows or Agent for Linux on the machine.

Selecting entire virtual machines