Backup schemes

Choose one of the available backup schemes:

  • Back up now – to create a backup task for manual start and run the task immediately after its creation.
  • Back up later – to create a backup task for manual start OR schedule one-time task execution in the future.
  • Simple – to schedule when and how often to backup data and specify retention rules.
  • Grandfather-Father-Son – to use the Grandfather-Father-Son backup scheme. The scheme does not allow data to be backed up more than once a day. You set the days of week when the daily backup will be performed and select from these days the day of weekly/monthly backup. Then you set the retention periods for the daily (referred to as “sons”), weekly (referred to as “fathers”) and monthly (referred to as “grandfathers”) backups. The expired backups will be deleted automatically.
  • Tower of Hanoi – to use the Tower of Hanoi backup scheme, where you schedule when and how often to back up (sessions) and select the number of backup levels (up to 16). In this scheme, the data can be backed up more than once a day. By setting up the backup schedule and selecting backup levels, you automatically obtain the rollback period – the guaranteed number of sessions that you can go back at any time. The automatic cleanup mechanism maintains the required rollback period by deleting the expired backups and keeping the most recent backups of each level.
  • Custom – to create a custom scheme, where you are free to set up a backup strategy in the way your enterprise needs it most: specify multiple schedules for different backup types, add conditions and specify the retention rules.
  • Initial seeding – to save locally a full backup whose final destination is Acronis Online Backup Storage.

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