Backup plan’s credentials

Provide the credentials for the account under which the plan’s tasks will run.

To specify credentials

  1. Select one of the following:
    • Run under the current user

      The tasks will run under the credentials with which the user who starts the tasks is logged on. If any of the tasks has to run on schedule, you will be asked for the current user’s password on completing the plan creation.

    • Use the following credentials

      The tasks will always run under the credentials you specify, whether started manually or executed on schedule.


      • User name. When entering the name of an Active Directory user account, be sure to also specify the domain name (DOMAIN\Username or Username@domain)
      • Password. The password for the account.
  2. Click OK.

To learn more about operations available depending on the user privileges, see the Users’ privileges on a managed machine section.

Backup plan’s credentials