Network settings

While creating Acronis bootable media, you have an option to pre-configure network connections that will be used by the bootable agent. The following parameters can be pre-configured:

  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS server
  • WINS server.

Once the bootable agent starts on a machine, the configuration is applied to the machine’s network interface card (NIC.) If the settings have not been pre-configured, the agent uses DHCP auto configuration. You also have the ability to configure the network settings manually when the bootable agent is running on the machine.

  Pre-configuring multiple network connections  

You can pre-configure TCP/IP settings for up to ten network interface cards. To ensure that each NIC will be assigned the appropriate settings, create the media on the server for which the media is customized. When you select an existing NIC in the wizard window, its settings are selected for saving on the media. The MAC address of each existing NIC is also saved on the media.

You can change the settings, except for the MAC address; or configure the settings for a non-existent NIC, if need be.

Once the bootable agent starts on the server, it retrieves the list of available NICs. This list is sorted by the slots the NICs occupy: the closest to the processor on top.

The bootable agent assigns each known NIC the appropriate settings, identifying the NICs by their MAC addresses. After the NICs with known MAC addresses are configured, the remaining NICs are assigned the settings that you have made for non-existent NICs, starting from the upper non-assigned NIC.

You can customize bootable media for any machine, and not only for the machine where the media is created. To do so, configure the NICs according to their slot order on that machine: NIC1 occupies the slot closest to the processor, NIC2 is in the next slot and so on. When the bootable agent starts on that machine, it will find no NICs with known MAC addresses and will configure the NICs in the same order as you did.


The bootable agent could use one of the network adapters for communication with the management console through the production network. Automatic configuration could be done for this connection. Sizeable data for recovery could be transferred through the second NIC, included in the dedicated backup network by means of static TCP/IP settings.

Network settings