Acronis PXE Server

Acronis PXE Server allows for booting machines to Acronis bootable components through the network.

Network booting:

  • eliminates the need to have a technician onsite to install the bootable media into the system that must be booted
  • during group operations, reduces the time required for booting multiple machines as compared to using physical bootable media.

Bootable components are uploaded to Acronis PXE Server using Acronis Bootable Media Builder. To upload bootable components, start the Bootable Media Builder (either from the management console, by selecting Tools > Create bootable media or as a separate component) and follow the step-by-step instructions described in the “Bootable Media Builder” section.

Booting multiple machines from the Acronis PXE Server makes sense if there is a Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server on your network. Then the network interfaces of the booted machines will automatically obtain IP addresses.

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Acronis PXE Server Installation

Setting up a machine to boot from PXE

PXE and DHCP on the same server

Work across subnets

Acronis PXE Server