The Log stores the history of operations performed by Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 on the machine, or actions a user takes on the machine using the program. For instance, when a user edits a task, the respective entry is added to the log. When the program executes a task, it adds multiple entries. With the log, you can examine operations, results of tasks’ execution including reasons for failure, if any.

  Way of working with log entries  
  • Use filters to display the desired log entries. You can also hide the unneeded columns and show the hidden ones. See the Filtering and sorting log entries section for details.
  • In the log table, select the log entry (or log entries) to take action on it. See the Actions on log entries section for details.
  • Use the Information panel to review detailed information on the selected log entry. The panel is collapsed by default. To expand the panel, click the Acronis Backup & Recovery 2732 Log chevron. The content of the panel is also duplicated in the Log entry details window.
  Opening the Log with pre-filtered log entries  

Having selected items in other administration views (Dashboard, Backup plans and tasks), you can open the Log view with pre-filtered log entries for the item in question. Thus, you do not have to configure filters in the log table yourself.




In the calendar, right-click on any highlighted date, and then select Acronis Backup & Recovery 1691 Log View log. The Log view appears with the list of log entries already filtered by the date in question.

Backup plans and tasks

Select a backup plan or a task, and then click Acronis Backup & Recovery 1691 Log View log. The Log view will display a list of the log entries related to the selected plan or task.