Task statuses

A task can have one of the following statuses: Error; Warning; OK.

A task status is derived from the result of the last run of the task.



How it is determined

How to handle



Last result is “Failed”

Identify the failed task -> Check the task log to find out the reason of the failure, then do one or more of the following:

  • Remove the reason of the failure -> [optionally] Start the failed task manually
  • Edit the failed task to prevent its future failure
  • Edit the local plan to prevent its future failure in case a local plan has failed
  • Edit the backup policy on the management server in case a centralized plan has failed



Last result is “Succeeded with warning”

View the log to read the warnings -> [optionally] Perform actions to prevent the future warnings or failure.



Last result is “Succeeded”, “-”, or “Stopped”

No action is required.

The “-” state means that the task has never been started or has been started, but has not finished yet and so its result is not available.

Task statuses