Backup plan statuses

A backup plan can have one of the following statuses: Error; Warning; OK.

A backup plan status is derived from the results of the last run of the plans’ tasks.



How it is determined

How to handle



At least one task has failed.

Otherwise, see 2

Identify the failed tasks -> Check the tasks log to find out the reason of the failure, then do one or more of the following:

  • Remove the reason of the failure -> [optionally] Start the failed task manually
  • Edit the local plan to prevent its future failure in case a local plan has failed
  • Edit the backup policy on the management server in case a centralized plan has failed

When creating a backup plan or policy the administrator can turn on the option to stop executing the backup plan as soon as the backup plan gets the Error status. The backup plan’s execution can be resumed using the Restart button.



At least one task has succeeded with warnings.

Otherwise, see 3.

View the log to read the warnings -> [optionally] Perform actions to prevent the future warnings or failure.



All the tasks are completed successfully.

No action is required. Note that a backup plan can be OK in case none of the tasks has been started yet or some of the tasks are stopped or being stopped. These situations are considered as normal.

Backup plan statuses