Backup plans and tasks

The Backup plans and tasks view keeps you informed of data protection on a given machine. It lets you monitor and manage backup plans and tasks.

A backup plan is a set of rules that specify how the given data will be protected on a given machine. Physically, a backup plan is a bundle of tasks configured for execution on a managed machine. To find out what a backup plan is currently doing on the machine, check the backup plan execution state. A backup plan state is a cumulative state of the plan’s tasks.The status of a backup plan helps you to estimate whether the data is successfully protected.

A task is a set of sequential actions to be performed on a machine when a certain time comes or certain event occurs. To keep track of a task’s current progress, examine its state. Check a task status to ascertain the result of a task.

  Way of working  
  • Use filters to display the desired backup plans (tasks) in the backup plans table. By default, the table displays all the plans of the managed machine sorted by name. You can also hide the unneeded columns and show the hidden ones. See the Filtering and sorting backup plans and tasks section for details.
  • In the backup table, select the backup plan (task).
  • Use the toolbar’s buttons to take an action on the selected plan (task). See the Actions on backup plans and tasks section for details. You can run, edit, stop and delete the created plans and tasks.
  • Use the Information panel to review detailed information on the selected plan (task). The panel is collapsed by default. To expand the panel, click the Acronis Backup & Recovery 2732 Backup plans and tasks chevron. The content of the panel is also duplicated in the Plan details and Task details windows respectively.

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Backup plans and tasks