Increasing Acronis Secure Zone

To increase Acronis Secure Zone

  1. On the Manage Acronis Secure Zone page, click Increase.
  2. Select volumes from which free space will be used to increase the Acronis Secure Zone.
  3. Specify the new size of the zone by:
    • dragging the slider and selecting any size between the current and maximum values. The maximum size is equal to the disk’s unallocated space plus the total free space of all selected partitions;
    • typing an exact value in the Acronis Secure Zone Size field.

    When increasing the size of the zone, the program will act as follows:

    • first, it will use the unallocated space. Volumes will be moved, if necessary, but not resized. Moving of locked volumes requires a reboot.
    • If there is not enough unallocated space, the program will take free space from the selected volumes, proportionally reducing the volumes’ size. Resizing of locked partitions requires a reboot.

      Reducing a system volume to the minimum size might prevent the machine’s operating system from booting.

  4. Click OK.

Increasing Acronis Secure Zone