Result confirmation

The Result confirmation window displays the expected partition layout according to the settings you have chosen. Click OK, if you are satisfied with the layout and the Acronis Secure Zone creation will start.

  How the settings you make will be processed  

This helps you to understand how creating the Acronis Secure Zone will transform a disk containing multiple volumes.

  • Acronis Secure Zone is always created at the end of the hard disk. When calculating the final layout of the volumes, the program will first use unallocated space at the end.
  • If there is no or not enough unallocated space at the end of the disk, but there is unallocated space between volumes, the volumes will be moved to add more unallocated space to the end.
  • When all unallocated space is collected but it is still not enough, the program will take free space from the volumes you select, proportionally reducing the volumes’ size. Resizing of locked volumes requires a reboot.
  • However, there should be free space on a volume, so that the operating system and applications can operate; for example, for creating temporary files. The program will not decrease a volume where free space is or becomes less than 25% of the total volume size. Only when all volumes on the disk have 25% or less free space, will the program continue decreasing the volumes proportionally.

As is apparent from the above, setting the maximum possible zone size is not advisable. You will end up with no free space on any volume which might cause the operating system or applications to work unstably and even fail to start.

Result confirmation