Restoring files with trueimagemnt

The trueimagemnt tool is designed to restore files from partition/disk images. It mounts Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 archives as if they were kernel space block devices. The program implements the user level part of the user mode block device service of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10. The majority of the functionality is handled by the snumbd kernel module.


trueimagemnt [-h|--help] [-l|--list] [-m|--mount mountpoint] [-u|--umount
mountpoint] [-s|--stop pid] [-o|--loop] [-f|--filename archive filename] [-p|--
password password] [-t|--fstype filesystem type] [-i|--index partition index]
[-w|--read-write] [-d|--description archive description] [-k|--keepdev]

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Restoring files with trueimagemnt