Archive name, if the archive location is other than ASZ.

To get Samba network access, specify the backup file name and the log file name as follows:




–filename:smb://hostname/sharename/filename –-net_user:username \ -–net_password:password

–log:smb://hostname/sharename/logfilename –-log_net_user:username \ -–log_net_password:password

Only the last two options can be used if the user name or password contains the @ or / symbols.

To access an NFS network drive, specify the backup file name as follows:

nfs://hostname/share name:/remote filename

For example:

trueimagecmd –list –filename:nfs://

shows contents of /mike/md1.tib archive. /mike/md1.tib is located on node in /sdb3/nfs_root directory exported by NFS.

If the vault option is specified the filename option is ignored.