arc and arc_id

The arc option specifies the name of the archive—for example: /arc:”My Archive”

If the vault contains more than one archive with this name, the utility uses the first such archive it finds—not necessarily the oldest or newest one. When there are several archives with the same name, consider using the arc_id option instead.

The arc_id option specifies the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of the archive—for example: /arc_id:183DE307-BC97-45CE-9AF7-60945A568BE8

To view the UUIDs of the archives stored in a managed vault, use the list command—for example:

StorageNodeCmd /list /vault:”bsp://My Storage Node/MyVault”

Specify only one of these options. If both are specified, the arc_id option is used.

arc and arc_id