Removing Agent for ESX/ESXi

You can remove Agent for ESX/ESXi from an ESX/ESXi server by deleting the corresponding virtual appliance. When integration with vCenter is enabled, Agent for ESX/ESXi can be removed automatically from the hosts managed by the vCenter Server.

To remove Agent for ESX/ESXi automatically:

  1. In the Navigation tree, right click the group that has the same name as the vCenter Server.
  2. Click Remove ESX agents.
  3. A list of ESX/ESXi hosts obtained from the vCenter Server will be displayed. Select the hosts to remove the agents from, or check the Select all check box.
  4. Click Remove ESX agents.
  What happens when you remove an agent  

The virtual appliance that contains the agent will be deleted from the server’s disk. The virtual machines hosted on this ESX/ESXi server will disappear from the management server or become unavailable for backup and restore, if integration with the vCenter is still enabled.

The Virtual Edition license on the license server will not be freed up automatically. Revoke it manually from this host using the Manage licenses tool if you need to free up the license.

Removing Agent for ESX/ESXi