Adding a storage node

To add a storage node

  1. In the IP/Name field, enter the name or the IP address of the machine the storage node resides on, or click Browse… and browse the network for the machine.

    Use the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the storage node, that is, a completely specified domain name ending in a top-level domain. Do not enter “” or “localhost” as the storage node IP/name. These settings are no good even if the management server and the storage node are on the same machine, because, after the policy using the storage node is deployed, each agent will try to access the storage node as if it were installed on the agent’s host.

  2. To provide a valid user account for the machine, click Options>>, and specify:
    • User name. When entering a name of an Active Directory user account, be sure to also specify the domain name (DOMAIN\Username or Username@domain). The user account has to be a member of the Administrators group on the machine.
    • Password. The password for the account.

    Select the Save password check box to store the password for the account.

  3. Click OK.

Because registration requires the storage node’s participation, it cannot take place when the machine is offline.

Adding a storage node