Report about the vaults’ statistics

In this view, you can generate a report about the use of the centralized managed vaults that are currently added to the management server. This report consists of one or more tables and diagrams.

  Report coverage  

Under Report coverage, choose the time interval for which you want to generate the report. The report will show the state of the selected vaults at the specified time on each day in the report period.


Under Filters, select which centralized managed vaults to include in the report, and whether to include information about the combined total of all the selected vaults.

A combined total is the total free and occupied space, total amount of backed up data, total number of archives and backups, and average ratios across the selected vaults.

With the default filter settings, the report includes information about all centralized managed vaults plus the combined total.

  Report view  

Under Report view, choose how the report will look:

  • Specify which table columns to show, and in which order.
  • Select which diagrams to include in the report. The diagrams show space usage in the vaults.

Report about the vaults’ statistics