Report about the task activities

In this view, you can generate a report about the tasks that existed on registered machines within a chosen period. This report consists of one or more diagrams, one diagram per machine.

The diagrams show how many times each task finished on a particular day with each of these results: “Succeeded”, “Succeeded with warnings”, and “Failed”.

  Report coverage  

Under Report coverage, choose the time interval for which you want to generate the report.


Under Filters, choose which tasks to include in the report. Only the tasks that meet all filter criteria are included.

  • Origin: The types of origin of the tasks—Centralized, Local, and/or Local without backup plan. A centralized task belongs to a centralized backup plan. A local task might not belong to a backup plan (for example, a recovery task).
  • Backup policies (centralized tasks only): The backup policies on which the tasks are based. The default setting means all backup policies that ever existed during the report period.
  • Machines: The list of machines on which the tasks exist.
  • Type: The task types—for example, disk backup tasks.
  • Owner: The list of users who created the tasks.

With the default filter settings, the report includes all tasks that existed on the registered machines any time during the report period.

Report about the task activities