Report about the machines

In this view, you can generate a report about the machines that are registered on the management server. This report consists of one or more tables.


Under Filters, choose which machines to include in the report. Only the machines that meet all filter criteria are included.

  • Machines: The list of machines. Select either physical machines or virtual machines.
  • Status: The machine statuses—OK, Warning, and/or Error.
  • Last connection (physical machines only): The period within which the last connection between the machines and the management server occurred.
  • Last successful backup: The period within which the last successful backup finished on each of the machines.
  • Next backup: The period within which the next scheduled backup will start on each of the machines.
  • Operating system: The operating systems that the machines run.
  • IP address (physical machines only): The range for the latest-known IP addresses of the machines.
  • Availability (physical machines only): The types of the machines’ availability—Online or Offline.

With the default filter settings, the report includes all physical machines.

  Report view  

Under Report view, choose how the report will look:

  • Select whether to show all items in a single table or to group them by a particular column.
  • Specify which table columns to show, and in which order.
  • Specify how to sort the table.

Report about the machines