Report about the backup plans

In this view, you can generate a report about backup plans existing on registered machines. This report consists of one or more tables.


Under Filters, choose which backup plans to include in the report. Only the backup plans that meet all filter criteria are included.

  • Origin: The types of origin of the backup plans—Local and/or Centralized.
  • Backup policies (available only for centralized backup plans): The backup policies on which the centralized backup plans are based.
  • Machines: The list of machines on which the backup plans exist.
  • Execution state: The execution states of the backup plans—for example, Running.
  • Status: The statuses of the backup plans—OK, Warning, and/or Error.
  • Last finish time: The period within which the last backup finished under each of the backup plans.
  • Schedule: The types of the backup plans’ schedules—Manual and/or Scheduled. Manual schedule means that a backup plan runs only when you start it manually.
  • Owner: The list of users who created the backup plans.

With the default filter settings, the report includes all backup plans from all machines.

  Report view  

Under Report view, choose how the report will look:

  • Select whether to show all items in a single table or to group them by a particular column.
  • Specify which table columns to show, and in which order.
  • Specify how to sort the table.

Report about the backup plans