Listed in txt/csv file criterion

When you use this criterion, the dynamic group will include machines from the list given in the specified .txt or .csv file.

If you later modify the file, the contents of the group will change accordingly. The file is checked every 15 minutes.

If you later delete the file or if it becomes unavailable, the contents of the group will correspond to the list that was last stored in the file.

  Text file requirements  

The file should contain machine names or IP addresses, one machine per line.



A registered machine has to be specified by its registration address, that is, you need to provide exactly the same host name, fully qualified domain name (FQDN), or IP address as was specified when the machine was initially added to the management server. Otherwise, the machine will not be added to the group. The registration address of each machine can be found in the Registration address column in any management server view that contains the machine (the column is hidden by default).

Listed in txt/csv file criterion