The Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 log stores the history of actions the software does on a machine or a user does on a machine using the software. For example, when a user edits a task, an entry is added to the log. When the software executes a task, it adds multiple entries saying what it is currently doing.

  Local and centralized logging in Acronis Backup & Recovery 10  

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 has local and centralized logs of events.

  Local event log  

A local event log holds information about Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 operations on a managed machine. For example, creating a backup plan, executing a backup plan, managing archives in personal vaults, executing a recovery task, will generate events logged in the local event log. Physically, a local event log is a collection of XML files stored on the machine. The managed machine local event log is accessible when the console is connected to the machine. Local event logging cannot be disabled.

Operations performed using bootable media are logged as well, but the log’s lifetime is limited to a current session. Rebooting eliminates the log, but you can save the log to a file while the machine is booted with the media.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Storage Node has its own local event log. This log’s events are accessible through the centralized log only.

  Centralized event log  
  Way of working with log entries  
  • The maximum number of entries stored in the centralized log is 50000. The maximum number of entries that can be displayed is 10000. In case the number of log entries is greater than 10000, use filtering and sorting capabilities to display the desired log entries in the table. You can also hide the unneeded columns and show the hidden ones. See the Filtering and sorting log entries section for details.
  • Select the log entry (or log entries) to take action on it (them). See the Actions on log entries section for details.
  • Use the Information panel to review the detailed information on the selected log entry. The panel is collapsed by default. To expand the panel, click the Acronis Backup & Recovery 2732 Log chevron. The content of the panel is also duplicated in the Log entry details window.
  Ways to open the "Log" view with the pre-filtered log entries  

Having selected items in other administration views (Dashboard, Machines, Backup policies, Tasks), you can open the Log view with already filtered log entries for the item in question. Thus, you do not have to configure filters in the log table by yourself.




In the calendar, right-click on any highlighted date, and then select View log. The Log view will appear with the list of the log entries already filtered by the date in question.


Select a machine or a group of machines, then click View log. The Log view will display a list of the log entries related to the selected machine or group.

Backup policies

Select a backup policy, then click View log. The Log view will display a list of the log entries related to the selected policy.


Select a task, and then click View log. The Log view appears with the log entries belonging to the selected task.