Backup policies

To be able to manage and protect multiple machines as a whole, you can create a backup plan template called a “backup policy”. By applying this template to a group of machines, you will deploy multiple backup plans with a single action. Backup policies exist only on the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Management Server.

You do not have to connect to each machine separately to check whether the data is successfully protected. Instead, check the cumulative status of the policy on all managed machines the policy is applied to.

To find out whether a backup policy is currently being deployed, revoked, or updated, check the deployment state of the policy.

  Way of working with the backup policies view  
  • Use the toolbar‘s operational buttons to create new policies, apply the existing policies to machines or perform other operations with backup policies.
  • Use the Information pane’s tabs to view detailed information about the selected policy and perform additional operations, such as revoke the policy, view details of the machine (group) the policy is applied to, etc. The panel is collapsed by default. To expand the panel, click the Acronis Backup & Recovery 2732 Backup policies chevron. The content of the pane is also duplicated in the Policy details window.
  • Use the filtering and sorting capabilities of the policy table for easy browsing and examination.

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